LEADING Past My Mistakes: My 2020 Blog

Leading Past My Mistakes: New Blog Introduction

I once read a quote that said, “If you want to make everyone happy don’t be a leader, sell ice cream.” Leadership is hard.  To be a good leader and try to do things the right way is even harder.  In my educational leadership journey ,I have learned through experience this is true…very true. Along the way, I have made many, many mistakes. However, as a leader you don’t always get the option to quit when you make a mistake. A true leader must learn to lead past their mistakes.

In 2020, I will use my leadership blog to explore and reflect on some of the mistakes that I have had to learn and lead past.  These lessons came at various points of my career as a teacher leader, assistant principal and as a principal. To be better leaders, better educators we must reflect on our performance, look critically at our victories, look honestly at our mistake and grow from them all. Over my career as an educator and educator leader, I have tried to do just that and my experience (…and sometimes lack thereof) has afforded me many learning and growth opportunities.

The point of my 2020 blog is sharing so that other leaders can learn from my mistakes (no sense in repeating what you can avoid!). All names have been deleted or changed to protect the innocent… and some of my pride! The lessons I have learned have be invaluable to my leadership growth and improvement.  We have to be the best to make our schools the best and to give the best to our students. Your school’s success depends on your leadership being successful and you being an effective leader. Be encouraged because all leaders make mistakes and we get things wrong from time to time. What matters is how we deal with our mistakes, that we don’t quit and that we continue to lead past them.

 I hope that you join me on this journey in 2020, and even share in the dialogue as we all try to be better assistant principals, principals, teacher leaders and school leaders.  In 2020 our mistakes and fear of mistakes will not hinder our leadership because we will LEAD past them.

Please continue to read my blog posts as I continue to reflect on how to lead past your mistakes. Please “like” my post, leave comments , follow my blog, and share your stories so that I can continue to learn too.