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Superhero Status is the latest book release by Dr. Hosey. Written to inspire , encourage and to help you unleash your inner superhero.

Superheroes are special people who appear at special times. These super humans constantly perform feats of excellence that are marveled and admired by all. In our world when problems and difficult times arise, there are people who handle ordinary problems, but when major problems occur, the superheroes take over. A superhero is a leader with extraordinary abilities and gifts. It is their leadership abilities which makes the difference.

Within the pages of this manual is the key to all the secret information you will need to start your path to learn the superhero leadership method and achieve superhero status. This information has been collected from the study and practice of many superheroes. Use this information to transform into a superhero, grow your leadership skills and to save the day! Superheroes are the ones that not only save the day, but on occasion, they save the world, too!

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